What You Can Do To Help Protect Yourself From Bowel Cancer

1. Nothing is more important for your health than eating a healthy balanced diet. You should cut out meat and fatty foods from your diet. If you can’t stop eating meat or fatty foods then you should at least cut down on the amount you normally consume. You should also cut down on dairy produce and refined carbohydrates such as sugar in your diet. Eat plenty of wholegrain foods, fresh fruit and vegetables, especially cabbage, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Vegetables tend to lose their goodness when they’re cooked; lightly steaming vegetables is better as it tends to keep some of the goodness in. Lycopene, a chemical which is found in tomatoes is supposed to have powerful anti-cancer protective qualities, but the benefits can only be gained by cooking the tomatoes.

2. If you don’t take much exercise, then you should start exercising more. Walking is good exercise. You should aim to exercise a couple of times a week but you must do it in moderation (you should always consult your doctor before taking-up any form of exercise).

3. If you’re overweight, then you should try and slim down. Following the above guidelines should help you to lose weight.

4. If you smoke, then you ought to give it up if you want to decrease your chances of getting bowel cancer or any kind of cancer.

5. If you drink alcohol in excess, then cut down.