Important and interesting cancer related links

Cancer Research UK

The major national cancer research charity in the UK.


National Cancer Charity.

Macmillan Cancer Relief

National charity, devoted to ensuring the best possible quality of life for people with cancer and supporting over 1,400 Macmillan nurses.

Marie Curie – Cancer Care Charity

Marie Curie is one of the largest cancer charities in the UK. The charity provides services in nursing hospices research and education.

Cancer BACUP

A UK charity providing information and support for cancer patients.

National Cancer Research Network

Improves the integration, quality and speed of research in the UK.

Medical Research Council

Involved in medical research, including clinical trials and research into cancer.

The Cochrane Collaboration

International organisation that maintains evidence based systematic reviews on all areas of healthcare, in order to provide patients, clinicians and policy makers with the highest quality information on which to base treatment decisions.

Cancer Research Wales

Welsh charity that funds research into breast and prostate cancer.

Cancer Care Cymru

A new Welsh charity that provides trained oncology nurses in hospitals giving excellent advice and information to patients affected by cancer.

Wales Cancer Bank

Stores samples to enable research into cancer.

Lynn’s Bowel Cancer Campaign

TV presenter married to John Stapleton of GMTV. Lynn campaigns all over Europe about bowel cancer after being diagnosed and surviving this terrible disease.

A November To Remember

A remarkable book wonderfully written by Taryn Mckeiver about her battle with bowel cancer.

Maxine Edgington

A lady that fought and bravely lost her fight against bowel cancer. Co-wrote the song “We Laughed” with Billy Bragg the famous south coast performer. Song tells story of her determination and love of life. Very poignant.

Helena singer of song “We laughed”

A song sung in Cornwall in an old fishermans inn by Helena to Marcia and I on our 25th wedding anniversary in July 2006. Played at Marcia’s funeral at St Catherines church, Pontypridd and will always be close to my heart.


News and advice on Bowel and all other cancer related subject matter.

Point of Care Laboratories

A Scottish company that supplies home testing kits for Bowel Cancer. The tests are done over 3 days and if the results prove positive this does not necessarily mean you have the disease. However, further investigation to determine the cause of the irregularities is required.

European Cancer Patient Coalition

An organisation making cancer a priority for action on the European Health policy agenda.

Wales Gene Park

“Harnessing Genetics to advance Research, Healthcare, Education and Innovation”.

DNA Inside Cancer

Very informative American scientific website with animation that shows the genetic causes of cancer.


UK’s leading provider of private CT assessments. Can reveal the early signs of bowel cancer, lung cancer, aneurysms, heart disease, osteoporosis and other illnesses. Catch them early and they can be treated quickly and effectively.

Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Foundation

Sharon Osbourne’s website with information on her fight and campaign against Colon Cancer in America.

National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

NICE is an independent organisation responsible for providing national guidance on promoting good health and preventing and treating ill health.

Cancer Research and Genetics U.K.

A UK registered charity.  Our aims are to raise awareness into all types of Cancer, Research and its Familial Genetic links.

Updates on Cancer screening in Wales

Shows all current action plans on proposed cancer screening in Wales.

American Joint Commitee On Cancer

Website that explains TNM (Tumour Nodes Metastases ) staging which is used by doctors as a guide to determine the cancers size and amount of spread. Dukes staging is another system used by physicians.

Colorectal Cancer Research Today

Online Research journal on Cancers and also covers 312 other health related problems.

Wellcome Trust/Sanger Genome Research Institute

Leading Genome research institute using sequencing, informatics and analysis of genetic variation based in Cambridge UK.

Bowel Screening Wales

The Bowel Screening Wales programme which was announced by the Welsh Assembly Government in February 2007, has launched a website with information about the programme.

Patient Bowel Cancer Information DVD on surgery.

The DVD was developed at York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust UK and tells the story of a person having surgery for bowel cancer. The DVD answers questions such as; What are the causes of bowel cancer? How long will i be in hospital for? Will i need a stoma? What side effects are there? What are the complications of bowel cancer surgery? Will i be able to lead a normal life after bowel cancer surgery? etc.

Carolyn Robertson a Bowel Cancer survivor who supports and campaigns for Bowel Cancer Wales and the screening initiative runs a company called cards by caro which supports us through the sale of her cards. Carolyn also fundraises for us and actively promotes our initiatives.

Counselling Directory UK.

Website and information of support counsellors and psychotherapists registered in the UK.

Cancer Aid Merthyr

Dowlais /Merthyr based charity that has a free purpose built drop in centre that provides counselling, aromotherapy, reflexology and accupuncture to patients suffering from cancer. Telephone-01685 379633

BETH Rhondda Cynon Taff Support Charity

BETH a cancer charity whos aim is to support cancer patients in RCT by paying for items /services or facilities to alleviate their suffering or to aid their recovery. Telehone Marilyn on 01443 671974 or mobile 07949347364

Rhondda Breast Friends

Rhondda based charity that provide support, meditation, relaxation and other services from their centre to all cancer patients. Tel- 01443 687556

Rowan Tree Cancer Care

Mountain Ash based charity that provides help and support and a wide range of services including counselling, aromartherapy, transport etc., to cancer patients and their families. For information Tel- 01443 479369

Macmillan & RCT Libraries Cancer Information & Support Project

Project that provides wide ranging Macmillan information booklets at RCT libraries . Confidential meetings can be arranged with the project coordinater who can give tailored and support depending on each individuals circumstances. Contact -Karen Langworthy on 01443 406050

Prostate Cancer Wales

Welcome to the Prostate Cancer Wales website which is an organisation with specific aims and objectives, founded by Nick Philips, to improve prostate cancer patient outcomes in Wales.